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Application Services

Application Services

The study abroad application services requires various consideration such as identification of the right course, analyzing country of choice which suits a student’s lifestyle and budget and finally examining and recommending Universities which offer those courses.

Our holistic application services include the following steps

Course Selection

Our Study Abroad counseling starts with analyzing the candidate’s profile by our experts to understand a student’s career goals and identify the area of study and specialization the student intends to pursue. Courses are suggested to the candidate based on this analysis. The student is explained the course structure, requirements and future pathway on completion of the course. The focus or our team remains to offer the most appropriate course. Based on the course, student is recommended location of study and Universities in that location which are suitable based on the student’s profile.

University Selection

One of the most critical decisions all students face after having identified the specific course which they wish to pursue is selecting the right university. It is important that students select the right university which have strong program in your main field of study i.e. ‘major’. Apart from the academic reputation, some of the key factors which students must consider are location, social support, job opportunities and diversity. Kenilworth team helps students to select the right university and provide a comparison based on such wide range of parameters. We also ensure that while selecting a particular university, the university is well accredited and has a good academic reputation. Apart from the common approach of just presenting a list of University options, Kenilworth help students in analyzing the Universities based on their accreditations, rating, student support and entry level requirements. The team ensures smooth application process and documentation. However, our recommendations are not limited to the University we represent but on the suitability to the candidates. Our expert team helps you to save time and resources to guide the student to the right university after an in-depth profiling. Our research team constantly reviews university offerings and selection parameters based on which university selection recommendations are made.

SOP/LOR support and application support

Kenilworth does not stop at making university selection. As part of our services, we provide independent advice on how to submit some high quality applications to the University. Based on the requirements of each University, our team guides students and prepares those relevant supporting documents. We provide customized solutions to the student to facilitate the application process which includes resume development, developing letters of recommendations (LOR) and Statement of Purpose (SOP). Our team reviews the entire set of documents before forwarding to the university to ensure quick processing and issue of i-20 document. Our team supports students on filling the University application form, ascertaining Proof of English language proficiency, reviewing transcripts and Certificates, student essays and other supporting documents Our Education Counselors are a highly trained multilingual team, specializing in international student recruitment to universities.


We also provide tutoring for all the entrance exams required for applying to the universities abroad. Our highly qualified tutors ensure that the candidate has prepared very well in advance to their exam dates. We also conduct mock tests which acclimatize the candidate to the type of questions he/she will encounter in the exams. Most importantly, we provide students certain tips and tricks for cracking the exams from previous students who have performed well in these exams. We offer them a student perspective on how to perform well in the exams.

VISA Process

Presenting appropriate financial documents and evidence of funds is an important factor for the F1 (Student) visa. An application may be rejected due to lack of sufficient funds or documentation to present that the student has the required funds to support the student throughout the course. The financial documents are the most important factor for an F1 VISA. Inability to show the necessary funds will seriously affect your chances of getting an F1 VISA. Students are required to provide evidence for proof of liquid assets sufficient to pay for the entire first year of education including the tuition fees, living expenses and other miscellaneous expenses. For the courses whose duration is more than 1 year, the student must have documents showing proof of funds or likely availability of funds for the remaining duration of study as well. Our team provides in-depth and comprehensive guidance on the financial documents and requirements require for the Visa process. There are three possible ways in which a student can sponsor their courses, namely:
1. Sponsorship from family members
2. Scholarships awarded by the University along the admit (I-20)
3. Study Loans from Banks Each of the above sponsorship requires different set of supporting documents.

Kenilworth assists and guides students to prepare appropriate documentation for family sponsorship. We assist students with preparing an ‘’Asset Value Statement’ which supports the bank statement.

Tie ups with Banks

Kenilworth has recently partnered with some of leading banks and financial providers and hence we provide support to the candidates who require a student loan to sponsor their studies. We help the student expedite this process because of our ties. Thus we assist students to secure study loans from banks based on interest rates and tenure.

Mock Interviews

To prepare our students to confidently present themselves during a Visa interview, our team of counselors conduct mock interviews with students before they appear for their interview. The focus of these mocks are to acquaint students with the stem of questions which they may face during the visa interview and train them address them effectively. Through our US visa experts, we conduct mock interviews over Skype which makes the candidate feel much more confident about the entire interview process.

Scholarships for Students

Our admission team endeavors to seek scholarships for our students based on their academic profile and hence reduce the financial burden on the student. Through our strategic partnerships with Universities our team endeavours to secure scholarships or fees waivers to reduce the financial burden our students.

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